Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow, what I view as the beginning of my metal art career. She had lived in my mind for a while before creation. How could I even attempt something so great and make it appear as I see it in my mind? From what I can tell there had been nothing done like this in the world previously. Therefore I was driven even more to making it happen. Well one day a member of Melfort Communities in Bloom approached me about creating something for a proposed Meditation Garden at the local cemetery . This was my chance. The drive to create it was there now I just needed to figure out how. For a few years previous to this several people I know had lost a child. This was for them. Their stories touched me as a father. It’s a fear we all live with in the back of our minds. How was I going to do this though . Well I took basic measurements off my daughter and let things just appear. I started at the base of the feet and worked my way up. Which is now how I create all my figures. Coming up with a math formula to achieve the final creation. I learned a lot from this sculpture. It’s not perfect but it’s a perfect collection of imperfections. It was the real beginning of my art career . Something pushing me to create and tell stories of people , connection and felling. This is Weeping Willow and her stories.