Weeping Willow’s dis-ABILITY – ability despite disadvantage

Also known as Weeping Willow Huntress. Second full size angel in the series. She was created from a thought and vision I had when reading the post of a friend. An outdoors lover who had recently had to give up her drivers licence and freedom due to slowly losing her sight. But through all of that she was still teaching kids archery and doing the things she loves outdoors.  Her blind fold symbolizes the blindness yet still aiming true and sure. The ability. This one was a challenge. Standing free on her own feet from day one. Perfectly balanced. There was a lot of thinking and planning to get the bow length correct. Then create the correct curve in relation to draw length and string length. Grip and arms just right so the draw hand is in the correct position at the side of the face. Another challenge was to create a blindfold with a knot tied at the back. Everything just seemed to come together as it was meant to be. For this one I applied a rust patina to give an earthy color. More connected to nature.